Brand Coordinator at Armada Human Capital

Nairobi (Nairobi), Kenya
Hours per week
Full Time: 30+
Our client is the umbrella company which owns and manages various internationally acclaimed fashion brands that meet the needs and preferences of a varied market segment. Job Objective: This is the principal assistant to the General Manager and leads activities related to business planning, stock demand planning, pricing, brand analytics and stakeholder communication. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Provides transactional support to the GM and the Brand team in formulating business plans • Participates in the development of marketing game plans and supports these initiatives with appropriate inventory plans. • Executes brand pricing strategies and at all times ensures that gross margin targets are achieved. • Ensures that inventory redundancies are minimized to within budgetary allocations. • Supports the dissemination of brand information to CRM’s. • Is a key link between brand performance and all business support departments. • Supports the Brand leadership team in managing the business reporting calendar • Through
on-going tracking of goals ( as presented in analytical reports and presentations) supports the general manager and brand team in executing agreed business objectives • Works in liaison with the finance team and general manager in requisite demand planning across all products • Through scenario planning and requisite analysis assists the general manager to establish an optimal pricing strategy across all products • Continuously monitors and analyzes merchandise levels and costs to ensure the necessary efficiencies • Maintains reports on forward covers in value and units across the value chain • Conducts business analytics across the brand value chain and reports on these to the brand leadership team (stock levels, forward covers, costs of merchandise, merchandise ratios, sales etc) • Supports the brand team in coordinating brand meetings, preparing and disseminating agenda and taking requisite minutes • Assists the brand leadership team in implementing new and different ways of realizing process efficiencies • Compiles and takes custody of brand/cluster reports, documents, franchise agreements etc and availing these as required • Maintains a repository of stock profiles and brand styling levels • Monitors benchmarks and competitive insights within the industry • Assists the general manager in effective and timely communication to all brand stakeholders EXPERIENCE: • 3 years industry experience SKILLS AND CERTIFICATION: • A Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising or recognized equivalent • 3 years industry experience • Microsoft Office Suite • Ability to work comfortably with an ERP GENERIC COMPETENCIES: • Establishing Collaborative Working Relationships: Developing and using collaborative relationships for the purpose of accomplishing work objectives; developing relationships with other individuals by listening, sharing ideas, and appreciating others' efforts. • Communicating Effectively: Conveying information and ideas in a clear, meaningful, and timely manner; providing information to ensure understanding; solicits input from the audience during the communication. • Understanding the Business: Uses knowledge of the value chain to achieve profitable volume growth; perceives the impact and implications of decisions on the value chain and on the competition. • Monitoring Information. Establishing and using ongoing procedures to collect and review information necessary to manage projects or ongoing activities. • Work Standards: Setting high standards of performance for self; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed. • Financial Management - Budget: Ability to plan and monitor the use of expenditures to meet organizational objectives and compliance. Ability to prepare budget documents and reports • Information/Records Administration: Knowledge of appropriate data collection policy and procedures, filing systems, data management systems, and programs. Ability to compile, assimilate, organize, and store printed and electronic information. Ability to review, compile and analyze information to prepare reports. • Planning and Organizing Work: Ability to develop plans to accomplish work operations and objectives. Ability to arrange and assign work to use resources efficiently. Ability to develop strategic plans, organizational structures, and systems to fulfill legislative or mission driven organizational goals • Process Improvement: Evaluating existing processes and identifying more efficient ways to accomplish goals and meet customer and client requirements; continuously improving the processes through regular assessment and adjustment.
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